An international happening for creative music and good times, taking place at Neue Schachtel, Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Innerer Nordbahnhof 1, Stuttgart, Germany. Featuring:


Composer/bassist Brandon A. Lopez, deemed "The Ubiquitous Free Improv Bass Ace" by the Village Voice and said to play with a "Bruising Physicality" by the Chicago reader. Born and raised in the splendors of Northwestern New Jersey, in the shadow of the (New York) city. It was there that he cultivated a taste for the left of center musics and subsequently, dug graves. He's had the pleasures of working with many of the world's luminary weirdos. Here's a list: Nate Wooley, William Parker, Chris Corsano, Justice Yeldham, Weasel Walter, Peter Evans, Tyshawn Sorey, Gerald Cleaver, Ingrid Laubrock, Tom Rainey, Tony Malaby, Paul Lytton, Mette Rasmussen, Jooklo Duo, Michael Foster, Leila Bordreuil, Jaimie Branch, Joe Morris, Brandon Seabrook, Cactus Truck, John Dikeman, Daniel Carter, and many others. He currently leads a trio dubbed "The Mess", another one called the Brandon Lopez Trio, works as a soloist and is formerly/currently/latterly writing more and more music. Find him at:


 Marja Ahti (n. Johansson) is a Swedish-Finnish musician and sound artist based in Turku, Finland. Her main creative output is the solo moniker Tsembla. Using electronics, modified samples of acoustic instrument, non-instruments and environmental sounds, she makes music that rides on waves of warped melodies, abstract voices and mutating textures – rough edged compositions, rich in detail, that come together into instrumental miniatures. She also makes music and sound for dance performances and film. Find her at:


Embryo is a musical collective from Munich which has been active since 1969, although its story started in the mid-1950s in Hof where Christian Burchard and Dieter Serfas met for the first time at the age of 10. It was one of the most important German jazz-rock bands during the 1970s and has also been described as "the most eclectic of the Krautrock bands. Find them at:


John Dikeman (2.3.83, Rushville, NE, USA) is an American saxophonist currently residing in Amsterdam. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, John’s playing runs the gamut of improvised music and technique. John has performed extensively in the Netherlands and USA as well as Canada, Brasil, Russia and throughout Europe and the Middle East and has played with the likes of Joe McPhee, Jeb Bishop, Han Bennink, members of The Ex, Roy Campbell, Ab Baars. Find him at:

The distinctive, instinctual drummer Andrew Barker, based in Brooklyn, NY, has co-founded and participated in many projects on the fringes of free jazz, such as Gold Sparkle Band and Acid Birds. Another one of his endeavors is a small combo he leads, the Barker Trio, and his own Barker trio, a sax-bass-drums combo with reedman Michael Foster and bassist Tim Dahl. In his twenty-past years on the scene he's also collaborated with Sonny Simmons, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Sirone and many others. Find him at:


Out of Texas and then Vienna. Eric Arn has mined the farthest regions of avant-rock, free improv, drone and psychedelia beginning with the Crystalized Movements in the 1980s, and continuing with Primordial Undermind for over two decades. Along the way he makes plenty of time for solo outings, as well as playing in Outer Vertex, The Xmas Party, and the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra. Find him at:


Michael "Weird Dust" Crabbé & Ernesto "Bear Bones, Lay Low" González play electronic music to dance and trip out to as TAV EXOTIC using all kinds of machines except goddamn laptops. Find them at:


Robert "Bob" Rutman (born 15 May 1931) is a German-American visual artist, musician, composer, and instrument builder. Best known for his work with homemade idiophones in his Steel Cello Ensemble, Rutman is regarded as a pioneer of multimedia performance in his mixing of music, sculpture, film, and visual art. Bob will perform duo along improv drummer Ginsberg from the Schwabisch Alb exclusively for Troglobatem. Find him at:


David Edren has been creating electronic sounds as DSR Lines for almost 2 decades, laying out liquifying modular synth stunners as audible acupuncture sessions. Edren keeps his sounds tactly understated and fully improvising explores his scientific aesthetics with delicacy and restrain. In 2012 he co-started the Hare Akedod label, an imprint for electro acoustic improv music.
Edren recently recorded at the renowned EMS studio in Stockholm resulting in “Analogie van de Dageraad” a full LP that saw the light of day in january 2016. Other DSR Lines releases include another full LP on Ultra Eczema (be) and cassettes on Lal Lal Lal (fin), Jj Funhouse (be) & Sic Sic (de). In the next months new material will be released on Lieven Moana’s Edicoes CN, Carpi Records, Troglosound (it) and Social Harmony (be).
Find him at: 


For the first time ever appositely for Troglobatem, Nick Mitchell on electric guitar will be joined by mighty Brandon Lopez on bass and David Vanzan (of Jooklo fame) on drums: a trio that will blow your mind and will leave you with joy in your heart! Based in Manchester, UK, Nick Mitchell is also founder of Chalaque and Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, and boss of Golden Lab Records. With a singular focus, he takes the concept of the rock guitar solo to its ultimate end point, beyond the imposed cultural constrictions of artlessness, finding a kind of punk rock spirituality in the historically undignified, employing an endless stream of fast, cack-handed tapping and fingerwork to create an a mesmeric, drone-like blur. Find him at: 


Ogon Batto is the alter ego of soundshamanist Bent Von Bent, co-runner of the Hare Akedod label and group. The sounds gathered on his debut; a magnetic shiner released on Hare Akedod, are rooted deeply in the subconscious with it's nightmarish fever blues and goldplated shimmering rays of electronic fuzzwash. He is currently working on a full album, which will be released on Aguirre Records in 2017. Find him at:


World premier! Freaky abstractions and counter-structures for electric guitar and saxophone.

Born in NYC in 1954 and residing in North Carolina, Chadbourne started out playing rock and roll guitar, and quickly grew bored with the form's conventions, going on to study the blues, country, bluegrass, free jazz, and noise before synthesizing those heterogeneous influences into a unique style of his own. Chadbourne fronted Shockabilly (1982–1985) with Mark Kramer (bass/organ) and David Licht (drums) and has worked with numerous artists including John Zorn, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, Han Bennink, Carla Bley Band, Paul Lovens, Toshinori Kondo, Kommissar Hjuler und Frau, Camper Van Beethoven, Jello Biafra, Turbonegro, They Might Be Giants, Sun City Girls, Violent Femmes, Aki Takase, Walter Daniels, Kevin Blechdom, Biff Blumfumgagnge, Zu and Jimmy Carl Black.  Find him at:

Born 1984 in Northern Italy, Virginia Genta is self-taught and plays verious saxophones (tenor, soprano, sopranino, alto), wooden flutes, clarinet, plus keyboards and some percussion. Since 2003 she's been working with drummer and percussionist David Vanzan in several projects such as Jooklo Duo, Neokarma Jooklo Trio, New Jooklo Age, ecc. She started playing music from improvisation while quite young, and has always been moving in the music cosmos with a deep, natural and spontaneous approach to creation, constantly working to find the highest way of expression connected to the oneness of universe. Besides this, the devotion of Virginia finds freedom also through drawing and illustration, infact all the Jooklo records' covers and posters are designed by her. A restless activity during the past decade brought her to collaborations with musicians from all over the world. In 2009 and 2010 she's also been a music collaborator for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, performing on "Nearly Ninety" together with Takehisa Kosugi and John Paul Jones. Find her at: 


Thibaut de Raymond aka Raymonde (Raymond IV when playing on a quadriphonic set-up) is based in Lyon, France. He’s the founder and curator of the cassette-label Mus Joutra. Besides a release on his own imprint «Trilo IV & Percussion», collaborations with percussionist Plein Soleil (La Société Étrange) under the moniker of Pan Pan Pan and now Gong Bong, he made his vinyl debut on Lyon-based label Zèbres Records with the EP «J’aime bien le Tonnerre» (February 2017). He has also worked for choregraphers during Lyon’s last Biennale de la Danse.
His work features etudes on voodoo polyrhythm, african percussions and instruments as well as experimental hip-hop, mainly via tapes as a basis to build upon and play with during live performances. Find him at:


Feinstaub was born as a sound installation made by Stuttgart's artist Lisa Biedlingmaier together with Moritz Finkbeiner (already active in Metabolismus, Mosquito Ego, and so on). An amplified gong and analog electronics are the sound sources for an ever-evolving drone that aims to restore energy centres within our body and mind. Find them at:


GRID is the new trio of Matt Nelson (Battle Trance) on saxophone, Tim Dahl (Child Abuse) on bass, and Nick Podgurski (New Firmament; Feast of the Epiphany) on drums. Despite the trio formation and the individual players’ backgrounds with jazz, the GRID sound takes the plunge toward the darker, heavier, and more psychedelic realms of improvised music. While undoubtedly harnessing the clamorous spirit of free jazz, the trio ventures beyond its acoustic borders, cleverly implementing electronic processing as well as dirge-like tempos that draw upon the slow-burning qualities of Doom and Sludge for inspiration. Find them at: 


Surprise freak-out improv big band with members of Metabolismus. Find them at:


Born in Arona (Italy) in 1953, Riccardo Sinigaglia is an architect as well as musician. He teaches electronic music at Milan Conservatory where he studied during the Seventies with Angelo Paccagnini. He collaborates with the video center of the Faculty of Architecture, Milan University, where he lectures on the relationship between music and image.His musical production also include music for documentaries, ballets and theatre spectacles.His work is based on modes, mean tone, pitagorean scales and complex polyrhythmics: he is deeply involved in ethnomusicology, the elements of which are revisited and employed in his musical language.
In the 80's, together whith Walter Maioli and Gabin Dabiré, he founded the group Futuro Antico, a cross between electronics and ethno shamanic music.
In 1985 he founded, together with Mario Canali, the audio-visual art group Correnti Magnetiche, which has won several prizes in Austria (Prix Ars),Japan, USA and Italy for digital systems pioneering. Riccardo is nowadays back to his old favourite analog set for live shows, featuring the Sinthi AKS, Moog Sonic Six and Farfisa organs. Find him at:


Sound Artist and researcher from the Black Forest, working mainly with turntables and effects, former member of Institut fuer Feinmotorik, studied at Art Academy for Media Arts in Cologne. Since 2010 working on a solo-project Voiceover producing text-sound-poetry by means of experimental turntablist manipulations of voice- and speech sounds, searching for speech-effects and semantic collisions. A mangled sound of language which is executed in live-performances, on recordings (chocolate monk, tanuki) and radio-broadcasts (german WDR and SWR). Collaborations with several artists, i.e. poet Dagmara Kraus, performance-artist Veridiana Zurita, visual artists Haseeb Ahmed and Tris Vonna-Michell. Curator of exhibitions about Henri Chopin and OU Review, lecturer about text and sound.


The Argonauts: Daniel Voight (SicSic Tapes), Ronnie Oliveras and Ruth Maria Adam (Flamingo Creatures/Datashock). Listening to Autistic Argonauts’ music is like experiencing a brainwash experiment gone bad… psychotic trauma sure to arise. Voices and sound effects are moving from side to side, like an ocean of detuned electronics. Not mainly focusing on synths to build their sound, they dabble with abstract samples to create a bubbling intensity akin to Trisomie 21’s weirdo freakouts. Find them at:


Varjidswara/The Delhitanten can trace their origins back to the last century and the list of addressees of the German-Indian Society. Ever since then, Thomas S. (tabla, shocks, stares and struts) and Ingo A. (sitar,electrocutic(e)s) have been working in the maze of Northern Indian classical music on: first, finding out again and second, dissolving the lessons learned there into remnants, sounds, and the partly ironic flowing of postmodern electronics in order to test its endurance. Delinquents walking the borderline between respect and naveity, crossborder and leasing. Possibly with surprise guest, t.b.a. (tambura).
Find 'em here:


France’s Loto Retina (aka Tony Marie) has a sound that is hard to pin down. The most direct way to describe it is in the realm of crisp digital avant-garde music, an often pristine and chilly style that keeps expanding as more artists master programs like Max MSP, pure data, and others to achieve new exciting audio worlds. His latest work ‘Fiction’ contains delicate ambient moments, sections of pure texture that simulate tactile phenomena like dripping water in a controlled digital setting, but also lower fidelity synth tones and samples that add a sharp sense of contrast and beauty to the album.  Find him at:


SCHLUSS is the Golden Pudel Club affiliated duo of Eric Falconnier (electronics) and Joachim Schütz (electric guitar), known for collaborations with Ellen Fullman, Konrad Sprenger and Arnodl Dreyblatt. Find them at:


Definitely the unfamous resident DJ at the defunkt Wagon and now at Neue Schachtel, always the best records' selection from his little metabolic collection of oldies: from library to free-jazz to '60s Asian pop, funk and '70s weirdness. Classic.


Everybody wants to see what's the record spinning under the hands of Dj Lemme C (Fammi Vedere). Incredibly extreme fusion and bizarre stuff that will make you dance (maybe).


The dream machine was built to destroy monsters. The dream machine was built to evoke bliss. This dream machine was constructed by Guenter Schlienz. Tools are tapes. His dream machine will play the sounds preserved. For your soul. Find him at:  


Beware of this DJ man from France. A fine-arts genius drop-out gone into ghetto's deep grooves and wildest jamaican outaspace. Co-owner of Standard In-Fi record label.


Using basic knowledge of stop-motion animation and digital video editing together with paper collages and clay sculptures, GG has been developing her own style of psychedelic visuals in motion since 2012. Glowing objects, mutating monsters and bizarre environments come together in a naïve and honest form portraying stories that are deeply embedded in our human consciousness, like something magically familiar and heartwarming. Over the years she has worked with several musicians from the belgian underground, making eye-popping video clips for artists such as Shetahr, Le Ton Mité, Urpf Lanze, Pizza Noise Mafia and her brother Bear Bones, Lay Low. Find her at:


Very special feature at Troglobatem will be the screening of few unseen videos with music by Maestro Angelo Paccagnini, an innovative but rather obscure composer always on the edge between past and future, ancient harmonies and modern electronic excursions. Courtesy of Riccardo Sinigaglia's archive. Find him at:


Abel Auer blurs the boundaries between abstraction and figuration, between reality and hallucination, seriousness and the grotesque. He will present a new installation which will challenge one's perception of reality in the Sala Buia on Sunday October 22.